Daughter of

the King

Those moments when my life intersects with grace from the power of a risen Christ, are priceless and transforming.


This grace has been working on the inside to redesign my inward being. This Grace works in miraculous ways to restore the blueprint which Jesus designed for me. The journey has been one of certainty, joy, laughter, aha moments, pain, failures, disappointments, falls, regret, doubt, tears, defeat, solace, happiness, restoration, redesign, and content with who I am in Christ.


The power of grace in my life is why I share these moments with you.


And so...If they can bring you as much hope as they have brought to me, then I have not wasted grace!


Then, uGotta bring the same hope to someone else!



Don't think of what you see, think of what it took to get to produce what you see, Mandelbrot

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Aligning spiritual and mental health principles with trust, thoughtfulness and care to help build trauma informed faith institutions and communities with the goal of caring for, restoring and increasing resiliency in individuals throughout their crisis and spiritual trauma. 



 “A Trauma Informed Church”and “Resilient Communities”


A native of St. Lucia, Latoya is an author, song writer, motivational speaker, mentor and entrepreneur. Learning from both the positive and negative experiences of her life, the insight and wisdom she gained, and her compassion for the disenfranchised, she shifted her life’s work to helping others. Her goal in life is to make a difference in every life which she comes across and leave a legacy of positive works for her children.

Latoya has worked in the media industry as a radio personality, sound engineer, producer, and administrator for “WDJZ Radio 1530AM" in Bridgeport, Connecticut and has managed communications and video/media departments for faith entities. By assignment of a therapist Latoya discovered a hidden generational gift in photography and this led to her establishing her media/photography company called Yandia Designs and Photography covering from web design to photography to other graphic and media needs. 


On the devastating heels of hurricane Tomas in 2010, she founded the non-profit organization H.E.L.E.N (Helping Every Lucian Empowering a Nation) serving victims across continents with needs and services. That year she went back to St. Lucia to deliver the goods and items collected for the victims. She has also partnered with government agencies and works tirelessly to help her community and with iServe, a youth focused community service movement.

She became an advocate for abuse victims and started a ministry on abuse awareness and suicide awareness writing devotionals and launched a website called Related Healing. This propelled her to work with women and girls as a mentor and guide. Latoya is an empowerment facilitator with 4RWI, Inc since 2012 and has since used her talents to co-facilitate workshops on dealing with divorce and separation and written for the Empowerment 4 Real Women Magazine. One of her most humbling experiences is her time at Blue Mountain Academy, a christian boarding high school where she served in many capacities including supervisor and assistant Chaplain.

Currently she is the producer and host of Life Talks TV, a YouTube series of talks on everything pertaining to life and pathways to healing and the author of  the soon to be released guide of prayer, “I Will Rescue You.


Her mission continues to be to use the spaces God has created for her to show the transformative love of Jesus and His amazing grace. As a child of God she recognizes her talents and opportunities as a gift from above, and uses them to inspire others. She has endured a slew of life’s ups and downs but is determined to live through them all. The lessons learned in the past and those which are being learned come from some of the most painful and difficult times. But they have made her determined to help anyone who would listen, and see wisdom in the story of life. Her journey is not over but her influence is active now! Grace is her claim and Jesus is her champion.


She lives in Michigan and has transitioned to parental guide to her three amazing children Sierra, Victoria and Nigel II.

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