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    "These words written were part of my journey back to loving and vulnerable prayer. I could not embark on a major crusade to be a prayer warrior so I decided to start one day at a time. I didn’t suceed at 7 straight days for years. But what I learned was that conversations with Jesus are sacred when we show up. Simply show up. Over time you will be consistent, but now, just be present and engaged. "

"The 7 DAYS | 7 Steps to Spiritual Revival through Prayer is an accumulation of years of trial, error, and patience with myself in the midst of crisis. I fought hard to create spaces to converse with Jesus with honesty and excitement."

Learn more about the author Latoya Yandia Hazell-Alcide

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Dr. Ivan Williams, Director,

Ministerial Association,

North American Division of

Seventh-day Adventists 

This book addresses the reality of the spiritual walk. We can disconnect from God, but the good news is we are never too far for reconnection through prayer. Journey with LaToya Wright as she shares practical ways to help you rediscover God. He did it for her, and He can do it for you.


Dr. Hyveth Williams, Director,

Doctor of Ministry Program, 

Seventh-day Adventist

Theological Seminary

This book is filled with the powerful testimony of a journey through emotional fires to find hope and everlasting peace in Jesus Christ. There’s a word of inspiration for everyone on every page. As it is perused by hungry for hope readers, it will be like a tasty morsel from the gourmet serving of God to satisfy the soul. I highly recommend it, especially using the prayer journal for reflection at the end of Latoya’s tremendous story and spiritual insights.

Jiří Moskala, Dean, SDA Theological Semi

Jiří Moskala, Dean,

Seventh-day Adventist

Theological Seminary

Latoya Wright in her book I Will Rescue You shares her transformative personal journey with her loving Lord and how she painfully learned her identity and dependability on His goodness. In her quest for meaning in life, she discovered the power of prayer, which gives her space, courage to cope with the challenges of life, wisdom to deal with pain and disappointments, and insights into how to grow in her search for God’s Presence. Each chapter offers an opportunity for our own reflections on how to make thoughtful decisions in order to deepen the walk with our gracious and caring Lord.


Rev. Dr. Tyrone P. Jones IV

First Baptist Church of Guilford,

Columbia MD

My sister in Christ, Latoya Wright outlines in her seminal book, a way that all of us can be rescued by God. If you have ever felt like you were in over your head, and you needed to be brought back from the brink of despair. This book is for you! Latoya details for us just how relentless God is in rescuing those in need.


Desiree Walker,  Educator

If you are acquainted with pain, have an intimate knowledge of suffering, or have experienced the burden of being afraid to trust in God, then you have to immerse yourself in this story of Godly encounter, deep discovery, and personal revelation. This book does an excellent job of answering the questions: Why do we need a Savior? and Who is He really to us? It offers practical steps to learning how to trust and dwell in the presence of God when in and out of crisis. It truly is a profound work, and Latoya’s personal 

experiences can inspire and help you to move from sheltered faith to a 

vulnerable heart that stands boldly in the presence of God.  


Bryan Nuñez Castro,  Pastor

Captivating stories that will immerse you into a deep prayer 

relationship with our sovereign God. The delicate and profound use of words by Latoya Wright, will keep you glued to this book. It’s not about theories that should work but about her own experience and what actually works. “We have mountain top experiences but the foundation of the mountain is the valley and in that place we find flat journeys”.

This book can’t get any more real, authentic, vulnerable and inspiring.


Tricia Wynn Payne

Author, Speaker, Pastor

Sincere, authentic and brave. In “I WILL RESCUE YOU”, Latoya Y. Wright shares her experiences of faith from an open and vulnerable place so that we might have courage to believe. 

Vandeon Griffith

Associate Director Youth

& Young Adult Ministries,

North American Division

of Seventh-day Adventists

This book on prayer attacks the very root of unbelief. I am compelled beyond measure to have faith in Christ and believe that His Word is not true but truth! Latoya has spared no insight into how Christ has worked in her life and I believe that the same Christ wants to work in our life. This is a must read and an exciting read that causes one to reflect with deep contemplation of the things Christ is doing and has done through faith in all our lives. READ IT ALL! 


Adrienne Townsend Benton

Award winning Chaplain, Speaker, Trainer

When Latoya Wright speaks, I lean forward to catch every word. She relays her faith journey in a manner that will convict you to not only be a hearer but  also a doer. In this captivating work, you are given the principles essential to let go of fear and embrace the courage to believe. If you long for change and are ready for the activation process, then this book is for you.  

Dr. Natasha Wright, LCSW, CCTP Author, Minister, Entrepreneur 

“I Will Rescue You” is a transparent and honest telling of Latoya’s journey with God. Latoya gives tangible, insightful, and sequential steps to begin trusting God in prayer and believing His Word. Latoya provides a much needed resource for those who are new to prayer and seasoned intercessors alike. I am sure this will bless you as much as it has blessed me. 

Dr. Yohuro Williams, 

Distinguished University Chair, Professor and Founding Director,

Racial Justice Initiative,

University of St. Thomas

In “I Will Rescue You,” Latoya Wright offers a breathtakingly moving account of what it looks to find solace in God’s love during times of crisis. Embedded in her powerful narrative of overcoming is a blueprint for developing one’s own walk with God complete with opportunities for personal reflection that invites all to contemplate where we are in our own walk and how we might grow to stand more firm in the love of God.

Janick Brun


“It is through personal testimonies that you 

can see God’s work. Latoya does not disappoint. 

Through her candor, we are able to empathize 

and look into our own lives and evaluate 

how we can become closer to God.” 

Norka Blackman-Richards

Educator, Author,

Founder and  Chief Executive Officer 

4 Real Women International Inc. (4RWI)

This is a fearless account of an excruciating journey of faith. The most searing truth it reveals is that God is there even in our darkest ugliest places of pain. Not only is He present, but He is also available. If ever there was a personal narrative that can testify to these truths, it is Latoya’s. In this beautiful devotional she lays herself bare allowing the reader to grapple with the truth of God’s ever present never changing grace. The testimonies herein will serve as salve to many wounded hearts.