Pot Calling Kettle Black - Reflections #43

Teens: The 20s were freedom to live the adulting blissful world which was withheld from us by our non understanding parents.

20s: 30s were the end of fun and basically entrance into the bondage of work and home making.

30s: Ah ok this is not so bad. Life didn’t end actually now enjoying the best of the best but the 40s are definitely the end of the rope. 20 more years they say to make memories and enjoy what’s left of meaningful life.

... I enter here believing that and dreaded the 40s road. Not young anymore more but closer to the end of the space for fulfillment. So after 32 I stopped freely staying the age and coped with choking every time I had to answer “hold old are you again?”

40-42 were celebrated for the chocolate cake and well wishes but I wouldn’t say the age...gulp and choked lol

So 2019 enters the gate and I begin to sweat but

This month as I remembered my aunt and who were not here say I love you to me this round, I remembered my aunt telling me that life is not about the age but is really about the age.

The age of whatever you create it to be.

-The age of healing

-The age of discovery

-The age of forgiveness

-The age of reconciling

-The age of love

-The age of wisdom

-The age of understanding

-The age of sensible decision making

-The age of listening

-The age of maturity

-The age of compassion

-The age of true faith

-The age of sisterhood/brotherhood

-The age of kindness

-The age of healthy relationships

-The age of courage

I surely can go on for an eternity but you can add what your age is now!

This age of thinking through the fear conversations which cripple our embracing of seasons is refreshing. What the heck was I really afraid of again? #43? Saying the number? Being the number? Celebrating the number? What is really the number? Why did it have such a grip on my and my every mood for an entire year?

The answer - #43 had no power over me but fear of a reflective year of missed dreams did!

The answer - #43 had no power over my movement but fear of the journey before wondering if I. could every bounce up high again

The answer - #43 had no power over the celebrations of life but fear of the coming numbers beyond #43 did.

The solution - I closed my eyes 48 hours before #43 and went to the place which I feel inspiration the most. The beach and the mountains. I inhaled, then opened my eyes and looked to see what was going to be different.

Absolutely nothing in my surroundings. But absolutely everything inwardly. I know I am speaking to the choir. I know I am the pot calling you the kettle black.

My grandmother, mother, uncle, and aunt knew what they knew because they had all been to #43 and were able to give me a preview of what was to come. And that is this

The age you are now is the best age you will be now. It is the richest age you will be now for in the age you are now holds the space for arrival of adventures, life lessons, relationships, joy, pain, dreams discovered, dreams birthed. It can only hold what it is destined to hold and no more so don't sell your age space short in fear. Open wide the age of space and soak it all in.

#43 welcome to my space. Welcome to the adventure of your age span!

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