It's All In The Same Space <3

It's all in one space.

The heart hurts from beating so fast, fee

ling pain pangs but then also feels the love of the ones who went to sleep & the ones alive you know those who love you & grieve with you, who swoop in to make sure our hearts doesn’t yield to the need to sleep away the pain

It’s the same space

The head hurts from the thoughts, the screams, the muffling of voices contradicting the experience, the fight to deny & accept that this is real. And yet the head is the place where the memories of them wage war with the pain to win the space up front where they will live forever because once the memories came in they become the life force for hope.

It’s all in one space.

The eyes hurt. From the sting of the salty tears & then they swell from the rush of tears as if all the dams in the world broke in them. The vision becomes blurry as no sleep, crying to sleep, heck just crying becomes the new over worked, overstressed job of the eyes. They say tears cleanse but cleanse what? But at the same time the eyes create the entrance and exit for the flow of expressions & the gift of release. It’s the place where all feelings can breathe & give room for more to rise up. The eyes see and tell and release and clear. The eyes are where the vision of death & life live.

It’s all in one space.

The body aches because it was the entire body which experienced the totality of life with over love ones so it’s feels every joy & will feel every pain


In the same space our bodies (flesh and spirit) kicks in to share the space of feelings. It can give space to honor pain & joy, grief & gratefulness all at once. It can give space for isolation and fellowship, confusion & understanding, reliefs & regret, faith & doubt, anxiety & tranquility, prayer & anger, silence & screams, death & renewal... the components for holistic healing & the successful road travelled through this existence called life.

It’s the same space

Where God can relate to grief, cry a river with us, wrap His understanding, compassionate, empathetic arms around us, & yet allow us the space to express all that comes with grief while saying I love you.

Yet, nothing can separate us from His love. ❤️

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