I Choose Love! A Higher Calling for Humanity

It's been an interesting day to say the least. It seems like we went from highs to lows. Conversations were in full gear between individuals some strangers to each other and others who know each other. Did the decision raise the very deepest feelings about this subject? Yes it did. Is it a sore point? Yes it is but what other acts are sore to your heart? At the end of the day there is a choice that we will all make. Who we associate ourselves with, what habits and traits we display, whether to hold our tongue or not. BUT where do we balance incestuous release of point of views versus healthy, respectable conversations? We hold on to our thoughts like fine gold and let our hearts and love evaporate so that words are more hurtful to the image of a God who loves all His children. We become so antagonist and poisonous with some subjects than others. I agree that love and compassion will always win this war on social existence between races, cultures, beliefs etc. This is my personal take (true story). When I was hungry, needed a pillow, a bath, refuge, love and support, the family who took me in was not my church family because they were to busy talking about me. Who took me in was an amazing family who shared their home with me. Two sisters took me as a sister without question. Their preference of partners is opposite to mine and neither one of us choose to cut each other down but was mutually respectful of our views HOWEVER they took me in and treated me as one of them. This is how love wins all the time! Till today I'm forever grateful for this family and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sister/friends and will do anything for them. They are a living example of love! And till today they have never thrown it in my face not asked me for their food back. Their mom refused to have them not be of service to their community and the community began at home. Thank God for them. We won't agree on everything but we won't reject the concept of unshakeable LOVE. Who have you fed without interrogation? Who have you showed love without criteria? Who have you taken off the streets so that they can be protected? Who would you want to help you in a time of need or would that make a difference if they were different than you? Who do you say you are? Your brother's keeper or wait it all depends? You still have the gift of choice. I choose to be that bread and butter for the hungry without first asking them why they are hungry. I choose to have my home open to be a shelter. I choose to clothe without interrogation. I choose to shelter the underdog. I choose to love even in opposite point of views. Is my mess lesser than anyone else's or yours? If you choose to act correct yet have no love them you have done good deeds in vain. We all will end up on out backs at least once in our lifetime and will need a hand to help us up despite whether we are dirty or clean in that moment. I choose not to tear down But I choose now to look up to the clouds and await the end of pain, prejudices, death, sorrow, fights, hatred, bigotry, insensitivity, error, persecution and heartbreak when the Lamb finally wins. #lovedoeswin.

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