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I love a routine.

I've learned there's some sort of safety in certainty. That's why college was a place I never really wanted to leave.

I loved the idea of a set schedule that I made up and followed for months at a time, especially the schedule I had set for my final year at Southern.

Every morning before class, I woke up and turned on a playlist I titled, "Shake your a** to this". It is filled with songs that can brighten anyone's day.

I would prance around my room, choose my outfit then head to the kitchen to chow down on overnight oats. With an hour to spare, I pretty much started and finished all my homework on mornings and then would walk from the Village all the way to Brock. Headphones in my ears, music blaring; hoping for a good day.

Following this routine made me feel good even though I really wasn't feeling good about myself or my life at the time. But notice the absence of Christ?

When I graduated, this routine didn't follow me to Maryland. With no job in sight, missing my friends, feeling purposeless; I kind of wallowed in this new uncertainty.

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