My Little Butterfly

“Mon Petit Papillon”

After every storm, the clouds part and the rays of sun burst forth, warming the countenances of those children who made it through the darkness. Latoya Emilaire-Wright

In a village far across the sea lived a little girl named Marie. She lived with her mommy, daddy, sister, brother, grandma and aunt. Marie was excited because soon she was going to turn 6 years old.


One day Marie began to feel sick and her scalp became itchy. Her mommy took her to the doctor where they found out that she had a fungus growing in her hair. The doctor gave her medicine, but Marie did not get better.


Marie was terribly sad because she could not play with her friends or go outside. She grew weaker with each passing day, and soon she could not get out of bed. Marie’s parents were heartbroken, and prayed to Jesus every day to heal their precious girl. 

The full children's story coming soon