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Life's journey is never taken alone. We encounter men and women who help shape us into what we are today. I am fortunate to have crossed paths with many and all have impacted my life in a marked way. I share a few of these amazing individuals their passions with you.

Dr.Newton Cleghorne

Norka Blackman-Richards

4 Real Women International, Inc



Women need

  • financial knowledge and economic opportunities that can assist them in avoiding and leaving toxic and sometimes violent relationships, as well as poverty

  • access to knowledge and development of professional skills that can assist them in pursuit of career opportunities

  • safe spaces for women, via community programs and groups, which allow women to come together to reflect, share their struggles and stories without being labeled and judged but instead receive mentoring and guidance

  • opportunities for inter-generational interactions to be able to learn with and from each other and create their own support networks

  • knowledge of relationship management/building skills, including the spheres of personal, family, marriage, parenting, and workplace relationships

  • a sense of safety, self-efficacy, spiritual and emotional tenacity, and the continuous development of self-worth

  • training and exposure to academic, career, and entrepreneurship development options

While we know that these seven core empowerment needs will vary by population and the level of needs also differ by demographics, we believe that these needs are universal. We also know that when these needs are fulfilled, women thrive successfully because they develop a tenacious sense of empowerment. As a result their personal growth becomes a positive influence for change in their families, communities and the world. 4 Real Women International Inc is intentional about fulfilling these seven core empowerment needs within our signature programs and international conferences.


The mission of 4 Real Women International Inc., is to create a culture of empowerment for women, wherever we go.


Norka Blackman-Richards
Founder & CEO of 4 Real Women International Inc.

WDJZ Radio 1530AM

WDJZ Radio, The Peoples Broadcast Network, is Connecticut'’s and the Region’s Inclusive Interactive Leased Time Radio Station. Originating in Bridgeport on 1530 AM with 5000 Watts of People Power. WDJZ'’s daytime signal is heard in over 65% of the state of Connecticut serving the needs of our Diverse Communities from as far South as Norwalk to as far North as Hartford. With our New DIGITAL ON DEMAND Service, we are heard WORLDWIDE, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. WDJZ the People’s Station is the Voice for the People in the Communities.

Since 2001 WDJZ Radio has been a Vehicle for Growth and Development among the people and continues to Shine the Light into the future as the Beacon of Excellence for all.

WDJZ Radio
211 State Street, 3rd Fl
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Email: | Ph: 203-368-4392 | Fax: 203-367-4551

Studio: 203-367-4395
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Leah Burgess

B.Leah is a mother and advocate for survivors of sexual violence. She uses Faith + Spoken Word as the vehicle to speak to & bring awareness to issues that impact our ability to thrive! People of Color, Youth and Women's groups are her primary audiences! 

B.Leah is perfect for your worship experiences, banquets, rallies, retreats, conferences, staff development workshops, and trainings. 


Melanie Douglas Seawright

Founder of Help Touch Heal. A 501(c)3, non-profit organization that provides counseling and support services to those battling cancer.


My life drastically changed on February 22, 2007.  I was told I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that affects ones lymph nodes. I made a deal with God; once He made me well, I would make it my personal mission to assist others. In 2009, just as my body was getting over the chemotherapy, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, unrelated to the Hodgkin's. I had brain surgery to remove tumor and back to bed I went.


I never forgot my promise. In 2010, I started HELPtouchHEAL in the effort to give back and assist others. I continue to make good on my promise. Battling cancer is no easy fete and support gives patients the will to live when the days are hard and dark. 2012, the cancer came back in multiple places in my body. However, I’m a tough cookie! Cancer is back in remission and we fight on yet another day.


Melanie is an ordained Minister who serves as Spiritual Adviser, providing pastoral counseling. Additionally, she is a Transformation Specialist, assisting terminally ill patients, caregivers and their family navigate the illness. She directs the terminal ill to accept the diagnosis but be inspired by the prognosis!  Melanie beat her multiple diagnosis and so can you.

Dr. Nadine A. Joseph

Educational Consultant

Inspirational Speaker

Author PhD, Educational Administration Founding

CEO, Educational ConsultInc & NAJ Creations


Published books: 

Step by Step with God…a semester devotional for University students

Drops of Inspiration…on-the-go encouragement for University students

Beverly Song Burton

Empowerment Speaker


Song writer





Music teacher









Natasha N. Wright, MSW

Natasha is the owner of Natasha N. Wright, LLC.


Natasha N. Wright, LLC, grounded in faith, uplifts, empowers and encourages women to reach their highest potential. Natasha is dedicated to serving the marginalized and underserved populations.


Natasha is employed at GBAPP, Inc. as a Program Manager. Natasha is one of the first graduates of the Nia Alliance; a grassroots initiative with the desire to raise awareness among the Black community about the impact of HIV/AIDS. As a member of the core leadership team Natasha’s responsibilities include: HIV testing, facilitating HIV and train the trainer workshops, event planning for various HIV/STD/SA awareness campaigns. 


​Natasha is an Associate Minister at the East End Baptist Tabernacle Church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. C. L. Stallworth. Natasha is a third generation preacher; following in the footsteps of her mother Rev. Nancy Kingwood-Small.Natasha currently serves as the Minister of Ministry Development at the East End Baptist Church.


Natasha’s greatest desire is to be an effective vessel for God. Natasha plans to start a private counseling practice.

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